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Little perfume hacks

  • By Majdi Ali

Little perfume hacks

Perfume is like make up: done properly, it can really accentuate your best features and make you feel confident. Get it wrong and you will scare people off like a freaky clown. We asked Snap users about their daily perfume habits and clever perfume life hacks. The result: a selection of classic rookie mistakes and matching tips to avoid them.

Know where to spray

You know when people dab some perfume on their wrists and then rub them together? Yeah. That is pretty much the stupidest thing you can do with perfume. The friction changes the fragrance and completely ruins the fine top note. The best way to put on perfume is to either spray it in the air at chest height and walk through the mist or point the bottle at your pulse points.

Excuse me now... My what points?

Your pulse points. These are the areas on your body where you can feel your pulse. They are perfect perfume spots because the skin is slightly thinner here, pushing the scent every time your heart beat goes up. You will find them on the inside of your wrists and elbows, but also behind your ears, at the base of your throat and last but not least: behind your knees. Some people like to spray their ankles too. There’s no scientific point in that one, but if it makes you happy – go for it!

Plan your perfume

Obviously, when you’ve found a nice perfume, you don’t want your shampoo, hair styling products and body lotion to drown out the fragrance. Spraying on more is not necessarily the best plan of attack – people marinated in perfume are not the ones you want to share an elevator with. So go subtle and try reducing smelly distractions rather than overpowering them.

Sounds great. What are the do’s and don’ts?



Do: Spray a puff of perfume onto your hairbrush for a subtle but lasting effect.

Don’t: Spray perfume directly onto your hair. The alcohol will make it go dry and frizzy.

Do: Spray perfume on the right spots on clean skin after showering or putting on a neutral body lotion.

Don’t: Spray perfume on your face. It damages the delicate skin and the fragrance won’t last there anyway.

Do: Mix some perfume with a neutral body lotion. The oil will help your skin absorb the fragrance better, making it last much longer.

Don’t: Spray perfume on clothing or jewelry. The alcohol and essential oil may cause irremovable stains.

Drink cocktails. Don’t wear them.

Unless you are really good at layering perfumes, don’t start it out of pure laziness. Your normal office perfume is probably not the same as your favorite night club fragrance, but that does *not* justify mixing them. Spraying a new perfume on the fading base note of the one you used earlier will compromise both. You wouldn’t put a hoodie over your suit and tie or keep your comfy sneaker socks on when putting on high heels. No – you take them off first. Same goes for perfume.

How it’s done? Simple:

Use a cotton ball with some rubbing alcohol or unflavored vodka to wipe off the old scent. Got no alcohol in the house? Make-up remover can do the trick as well. Mix your own remover using a teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of warm water. Let the paste just sit on the skin for a few minutes before rinsing with water. Rumor has it that even a bit of oil and vinegar will neutralize your skin, though you will have to wash that off so you don’t smell like a salad all night.

Last but not least – storing your perfume

Even if keeping your perfume bottles on your bathroom sink seems like the most practical option, it is not the best. The essential oils in perfume don’t like heat and they tend to lose their intensity when put in bright light. Try to store them somewhere at room temperature and don’t leave them in the sunlight. Pocket perfumes last the longest in your handbag, glass bottles go in a closed shelf.

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