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Vamos a la playa… Packing for the sunshine

Woman relaxing in a hammock on the beach

What I really love about the beach is that it’s like a natural beauty salon. A bit of strategic sunbathing will get me summery highlights and a perfect tan for free. Salty water helps to rejuvenate the skin and fine white sand serves as a brilliant body scrub. Whether I want to spend my day surfing or just watching surfers from behind my piña colada – nobody gets bored on the beach! Now, packing cosmetics for this holiday is a completely different story from the city trip. For this one, I focus on skin care and protection every step of the way. Without neglecting my surf babe look, obviously…

Make up: Since there will be a lot of sunbathing and swimming, I never need too much make up on beach holidays. Subtle, bright colors will work best under the palm trees and highlight my tanned skin in the evening. During the day, I’ll probably wear some water resistant eyeliner and use a chap stick with UV protection regularly. Foundations and contouring are useless in the bright sun, but a concealer stick can be important in the evening – a burnt nose doesn’t look sexy on anyone. What you will find mostly in my suit case are sun screen, soothing oil and after sun gel with lots of aloe vera.

Perfume: Just because I’m on holiday doesn’t mean I want to smell like seaweed all the time. A fruity fresh perfume or body spray is the just the right pick-me-up between a cold splash in sea and a well-deserved cocktail. The perfume bottle has to be small, light-weight and fit in my beach bag. Glass bottles are a bad choice: they are heavy, prone to breaking and they do not protect the essential oils from sunlight and hot temperatures. In the evening, the citrusy note from my perfume and my deodorant (I’ve always got both at hand) can go straight onto the after sun gel and keep me going till sunrise. 

Clothing and shoes: Flip-flops, bikinis and a few stylish wrapping skirts are all I need on the beach. Maybe a nice sun hat as well, if there are no screens or palm trees providing the necessary shade. Since lying around doing nothing makes me really tired, I don’t wear uncomfortable shoes on holiday. I never really wear shoes on holiday. In my opinion, a nice ankle bracelet will turn any flip-flop into a Caribbean party shoe. Even when I’m clubbing…



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