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When it’s all business: My little congress kit

  • By Majdi Ali

When it’s all business: My little congress kit

I love visiting different cities, but unfortunately it’s not all fun and games in life. Not even when I’m travelling. After the leisure weekend and extensive beach holiday, I’m packing for a short business trip today. Now this is always a tricky one. During a congress or convention, I’m moving about constantly with brochures and printed power point presentations taking up all the space in my messenger bag. The two or three days will typically be crammed with seminars, meetings and workshops. With hardly any time to get freshened up between appointments, I’ll have to pack wisely.

Especially as a woman, I want to be taken seriously by potential new business partners. That does not mean that I can’t express my femininity by wearing a classy pair of heels under my suit, a delicate perfume or body spray and some nice make up. For me, the business look is all about balancing features: if I feel like wearing a short pencil skirt, I’ll button up my blouse. If I want to show some cleavage, I’ll wear long trousers or dark jeans. As I will be making a lot of first impressions, perfume is my favorite asset. I try to pick a fragrance that underlines my creativity and surprises with a spicy heart note.

Make up: As mentioned, I have no set menu for business make up. However, I do bring everything I’m wearing in my handbag for quick touch-ups in the restroom. Since travel sized cosmetics usually don’t have the brushes I like, I also carry some cotton buds for a better application and for removing smudges (after a nap in an airplane seat).

Perfume: I will be spending a lot of time with a lot of people, so things might get warm. A playful fragrance and a matching deodorant are just the thing I need. A crisp fragrance with plenty of citric notes boosts my confidence before an important presentation. That’s not just my imagination – it’s been scientifically proven! A zesty pocket perfume gets me through the day. I also like to spray a tiny puff onto my business cards before handing them to potential customers or business partners.

Clothing and shoes: When representing my company, I will always stick with an elegant outfit. A classic suit, a nice blouse on darker jeans or maybe a knee length skirt and a matching pair of pumps. Since I won’t be sitting in the office all day, I love these gel pads that I can wear in my shoes and I carry blister plasters in different sizes with me at all times.

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